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Exclusive Energy Meteorological Services

TWP Director, Luke Boxall is an experienced energy trading Meteorologist. He has worked as chief forecaster for international and market-leading companies over the past 5 years and has gained a reputation for providing highly accurate and pertinent forcasting with a proven track record. Our exclusive energy met service provides;

Global Weather Forecasting for Event management/retail

Detailed short term/medium term/longer term forecasts for specific locations

Our experienced meteorologist uses state of the art climate analysis along with highly accurate bespoke computer models to provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision.

This service is suitable for clients who have ad-hoc and/or regular forecasting requests within the event management and retail sectors. We utilise out tools to provide you with;

Historical Data

Our extensive Dataset contains numerous hourly/daily weather data across the whole of the UK which we can use to provide detailed reports of specific days/events in the past.

Please get in touch via email or telephone to discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to helping you with any request.

Consultancy, forecasting & research for Legal / Insurance / Film & Media

Whether you need historical weather information for a legal case or the very finest short/medium or long term forecasts for a film shoot at any world-wide location, this service provides our professional opinion for whatever query you may have.


Our experienced Meteorologist can provide tailored weather forecasts to meet your specific requirements and is able to utilise our historical dataset to develop an informed professional opinion for any scenario.


Trading companies/energy providers with extensive weather coverage


Providing views/thoughts and analysis of the weather in the short and longer term


Giving forecasts for Gas/Power demand and hydro/wind/solar/thermal production.

The Weather Perspective Ltd was set-up to provide exclusive market-leading meteorological services. We have a history of consistently delivering accurate short, medium and long-term weather views and pride ourselves on being able to communicate these effectively and efficiently. In addition, we have developed the unique edge of being able to discuss where risks lie in the forecast and how the markets see these risks. When making weather dependant decisions, we have the expertise to help inform and enhance your strategy, evaluate an asset’s financial outlook and provide timely tailor-made forecasts on demand.

"Get ahead with The Weather Perspective"
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